Finishing up my learning theories class, it is time to reflect on the changes that I have gone through.  My understanding as a learner has changed and will effect the way I interact with my students this coming year.

Originally, I had described the way that I learn best through modeling, (behaviorism) or problem-solving, (constructivism), but processing through the different learning theories has led me to believe that I align most with connectivism, learning through interaction with people and databases.

As far as learning styles go, elaboration is my personal preference.  The most efficient way for me it learn is to elaborate on prior knowledge.  Working in the wood shop, I often have to help students develop unique projects which require a lot of problem solving.  The first thing I do is try to make a connection to any projects or processes that we have done that may be similar.  Using elaboration, the students and I find unique ways to implement foundational practices.

The most useful learning tools for me have come from google.  Google docs allows me to access my document them anywhere in the world, and it also makes backups of all documents so I don’t have to worry about my computer blowing up.

Google has many advanced and irregular search options that allow me to research ideas in different ways.  One example is the wonder wheel.  I type in learning theories and a dot is portrayed with learning theories in the center.  Each leg has different subjects pertaining to learning theories.  From there I chose behavioral learning theories.  I can continue to narrow my search to find more and more relevant content.