Spent part of this week at a conference in Spokane and ran into some very useful tools, plus one I found on my own.


Xtranormal is an web based movie maker.  You get to choose a setting, how many characters you want in your movie, and then all you have to do is write a script.  You can make the film more interesting by changing camera angles, but it works well and is easy to learn.


Another free web based tool, Prezi is a useful for creating some truly unique presentations that remained focused on the content.  The introductory video is captivating, and would be extremely difficult to replicate in PowerPoint.


This last free web tool is one that I found because I needed to get some pictures onto this blog, but I am not at my home computer.  Easily found through google, I was able to push print screen, save the file as a .bmp, upload it to pixlr, edit the image, and save again as a .jpg.  Pretty amazing considering to be able to do just this little bit, but looking at the tools available there is much more I could do.

*Edit, I found that I could install an extension into Chrome that allows me to import directly into pixlr without paint.exe.


I found this one earlier, but this is also my place to compile these free apps.  Screenr allows you to record your screen with audio for free.  Very handy for walking people through a process.  Education made easy.

Enjoy the free web tools!!!!