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Technology has a habit of working it’s way into my life without me knowing.  This mind map is an exercise to acknowledge the connections that I have made to enhance my ability to learn through technology and people.

Learning about Theories

Through my Master’s program I have new connections that are helping me to learn in specific ways.  The classroom resources have broadened my educational perspective that will drive me through the next year as a teacher.  I have a good start on my curriculum but there is plenty of room for improvement.  Walden has helped me tackle ideas about instruction.

Learning through Examples

My favorite place to learn is through the professional blogs that arrive in my eReader.  These blogs quickly get me thinking about perspectives of education and provide real life examples of effective Instructional Design.  I have all of these ideas in my head of what makes up a good piece of instructional material, these blog posts put those ideas into action in a way that helps solidify them in my own mind.

Where do I find knowledge?

I had a leaking anti-freeze faucet in my backyard.  I needed to understand how the faucet worked so I could devise a solution so my first stop was the hardware store.  Just kidding, I type “fix anti-freeze faucet” in google search.  This is my reaction every time I have a question about a process, fact, phone number, and just about everything else.  Knowledge is at my fingertips.

My Network and Conectivism

Connectivism … I am a believer.  The fact that knowledge on any subject is available anywhere in the world and only a click away stands on it’s on.  My network is a simple example of how integrated a learner can be into the technology networks that surround them.