Understanding in depth functions of the brain is implicitly important when approaching any type of education, as a teacher or as a learner.  Here is a useful resource that discusses real world applications for the relationship between the brain and learning.


The site is developed and maintained by 22 professionals from the field.  Articles, blogs, games, images, and reviews and more can be found at the site.

I played one of the children games where the user clicks on the frog, a letter is voiced through audio, and the user must click on the correct letter out of five.  A full description and rationale on what is happening through this exercise is also explained.

Next I went to the image gallery to find illustrated explanations of how the brain and learning work together.  I found an illustration that explains what part of the brain is at work when a sound is heard and the hearer is attempting to determine direction of the sound.

When developing rationale for instruction this site is full of resources.