Today I stumbled upon a very helpful instructional design website.  Myra, the author, is an Instructional Designer and Adjunct Professor.

The site appears to be built with her students in mind, and therefore has many useful tutorials to guide specific actions within programs.

Myra constantly posts useful information about the field and specifically the types of tools that she is using or is excited about.

The first post that caught my eye had a video of the usefulness of using Live for a free 25gb storage space.  Along with the space capacity comes free web-versions of the main office applications; word, excel, powerpoint, and onenote.  The web-versions are not fully functional, but they get the basics done.  I have been a Google fan for a long time, but it seems that Windows is getting back on track.

Being an infant of the Instructional Design field this blog will continually introduce me to new techniques and resources for eLearning.